• Jonathan Shuerger

This Being a Declaration of War Against the Year 2020

There comes a time when a soul has suffered what it may.

A time when the victim of dreadful circumstance raises his head in the midst of the shuffling downcast. A time when the firelight of defiance gleams in her eye once more, where once only dull sufferance did dwell.

A time when a man says, "No more."

To the year 2020, it is enough.



Enough. This year has brought disaster like none other upon this land. This people groans beneath the weight of the woes laid upon it, from the self-serving ineptitude of its politicians, to the fires ravaging the West, the quaking of the Earth in the Midwest, the plagues at our door and the release of a new Star Wars film.

You have made a dreadful mistake, oh, 2020. You have left us without hope. You have left us without place of succor. No longer can we reasonably expect an end to your ravenings.

The time for terror is past. The time for terrorizing has come.

Now, our spines shall stiffen when we are backed into a wall. Our noses shall pant, and our lips shall curl, our cheeks shall flame and our brows shall furl. Our fists shall clench, our jaws grind and an unholy roar shall echo from the den of the oppressed.

No longer shall we bear your volleys without answer. When your poisoned spears fall upon our encampment, we shall return with the crackling roar of fire. When your marauders ride among our lands, you shall hear the rasp of sword leaving sheath and the grim laughter of those accepting of Death but not tyranny.

Be warned, 2020. You did this.

The war is begun.