• Jonathan Shuerger

Hey, Guys, Pain Is NOT Weakness Leaving the Body

So I was talking to my wife, who's a registered nurse, so she, like, knows this stuff, and she says that pain is nothing like what we were told.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, in the US Marine Corps, they tell us that pain is a good thing.

"You in pain? Good! That's weakness leaving the body!"

"Sweat is just fat crying!"

"Run through it, it will make you hard!"

"Every time you do another pull-up, a terrorist baby poops on its daddy!"

Or something.

I have been reliably informed that none of this is true. Hear me out, because this is going to challenge everything we've been told. Some of us are going to struggle with this insane truth, but here it goes.

Pain is actually the body telling us that something is wrong. Really, really wrong.

Apparently, the body is seeded with a network of neurons that fire in order to inform our brains that something is happening. Based on my education at Parris Island, I believed that this network was composed of weakness tuning forks that beeped every time I failed John Basilone.

According to medical professionals, though, pain receptors fire when the body is suffering damage, and it's trying to warn you to stop so that you can keep your body intact.

Honestly, this explains why my knees and back are completely shot to crap. I've had weakness in my hamstring for five years that may actually be because I tore it just before a deployment and pushed through the pain.

My entire world has been upended. I don't know what I'm going to do. If pain is just pain, where does that leave me?

How am I going to get weakness out of my body now, medical professionals? HUH?